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Media Research On The World War II - 1479 Words

A Focus group is defined as a research technique that collects data through a group interaction, on a given topic from the researcher. Along with this definition are some essential components. Firstly, it states that, focus groups are research methods devoted to data collection. Secondly, it signifies the interaction of group discussion as a source of data. Lastly, it acknowledges the active role of researchers in establishing the group discussion in order to collect data (David, 1996.p.130). This media research method has been used previously, since the year 1993. According to the Hardwick Research, focus groups were first used in the U.S, for media research on war propaganda at Princeton University, during the World War II (Hardwick, 2014). The objective was to aid the U.S government to understand the most effective messages that would influence support for the war. Today, focus groups are depended on by researchers who aim to understand the emotions, behaviours and knowledge of selected participants. To add on that, Litosseliti (2003) acknowledges the fact that the dynamism of technology has been able to improve and enrich how data can be collected from a focus group. There are various developments, for example, projections, which uncover participants’ hidden attitudes (Hardwick, 2014). The sole purpose of focus groups is to collect data through conducting primary research. However, aside from data collection, focus groups may also be for other motives, such as: therapy,Show MoreRelated The Technological Revolution901 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopments in science and technology contribute, whether in a perceived positive of negative light. In times such as war, where technology essentially determines the outcome, the public’s perception of technology becomes essential, as well as the implementation of said technology. Many other factors are pertinent in determining the way the public identifies science and technology. After World War II and the evolution of nuclear weapons because of the Manhattan Project, the image of science and technologyRead MoreHow the Two World Wars Altered the Independence of Women1095 Words   |  4 Pagesthe well-known wars of our time, many women were living their lives as oppressed housewives. With the changes that occurred throu ghout the two world wars, women had the chance to break out of their ordinary lifestyles and prove themselves worthy of something more than the housewife stereotype. Each world war brought on a different opportunity for the women of that time period. Women’s increasing roles during the two world wars were made apparent through their lifestyles, the media, and the publicRead MoreHistory of the U.S. Health Care Delivery System1169 Words   |  5 Pagesformulate predictions, one must thoroughly comprehend the three developmental eras of the health care system. The evolution of our current health care system began in 1850, and has metamorphosed in three time periods, 1850 to 1900, 1900 to World War II (WW II), and WW II to 2009. Significant distinct and overlapping trends in disease prevalence, availability of health care resources, social organizations, and the publics knowledge and perception of health and illness and technology. Disease Prevalence Read MoreAmerican System Essay1167 Words   |  5 Pagesparties are not representative. ii. Bicameral system: Federal National i. House of representative (National): Popular issues (i.e. Taxation) ii. Senate (Federal): Analytical/ intellectual issues (i.e. Budget) iii. Small states vs large states and the fact they are either over or under represented (No matter the size they both have the same political power). 1. Creates resentment for the populace and media feeds from the populations discomfort. iii. The civil war mentality is returning: DividedRead MoreUse Of Propaganda During World War II1719 Words   |  7 PagesImpact of Propaganda during World War II The second most devastating global conflict, also known as World War II, left over 60 million dead creating panic and fear for citizens all over the world. During these hard times the citizens, dealing with a national crisis, needed something to give them hope that there will be betters days. Propaganda was used in political cartoons to release information that contained biased views and over exaggerations to gain support for the war. These cartoons gave hopeRead MoreFictional Novels and Historical Information in Novel All Quiet on the Western Front829 Words   |  3 Pagestroubles of War World I. The author Erich Maria Remarque himself had been in the war. Nevertheless, there is one negative thing about using nonfiction. For example, a person would still have to do research. A nonfictional novel could be used for historial information depending on the author and their experiences, and if the author has used factual information; however, extra research is still needed. All quit on the western Front is centered in Germany during world war I. World War I had startedRead MoreA Look at the Final Chapter of Timothy Glander’s Book, Origins of Mass Communications Research During the American Cold War: Educational Effects and C1149 Words   |  5 PagesThe final chapter of Timothy Glander’s book, Origins of Mass Communications Research During the American Cold War: Educational Effects and Contemporary Implications (2000) stands as a disappointing example of academic research becoming hijacked by the author’s personal opinion. Focusing on the hidden nature of propaganda in American life, his concluding chapter presents a very drastic view of the individuals who crafted the academic subject now known as mass communications. I see the need for investigatingRead MoreBusiness: Axe Commercial Research Essays1132 Words   |  5 PagesInformation Company Axe is one of the 400 brands which is belonged to Unilever Company. The portfolio of this multinational company focuses on health and wellbeing mainly, including food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Many world-leading brands including Axe, Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Hellmann’s and Omo are some of these brands ( Market Axe Brand, which was named Lynx in Europe, was first launched in France in 1983 as a teenage boys’ grooming category (theguardianRead MoreThe Effects of Media in Nursing Evolution1207 Words   |  5 PagesRunning Head: THE EFFECT OF MEDIA The Effect of Media in the Nursing Evolution The Effect of Media in Nursing Evolution The media has played a huge role in the evolution of nursing. Its influence has been both positive and negative. I have chosen to research this subject because of the negative results and feedback that I will provide throughout this paper. This negative influence is directly affecting the number of people that are deciding to pursue nursingRead MoreThe Impact of Apple Computers887 Words   |  4 Pagescomputing, they invented the world first low-cost computer in 1977, the Apple II. Not only these computers are affordable, they were user friendly, and they had a useful program called VisiCalc (the world first spreadsheet that is useful for business people). These computers sold millions (page 138-139). After the success with Apple II, the two Steves work together with Xerox PARC. With the collaboration Apple and Xerox, they invented the Macintosh. Unlike its precedent, the Apple II, the Macintosh it had

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