Saturday, February 29, 2020

Biography on a Classmate

He currently goes to Hicks High School, where his mother graduated from. His dad, however, did not go to Hicks, but instead went to a high school in Georgia. Besides his dad, his other family members have went and graduated from Hicks. He enjoys going to school at Hicks. He likes going to learn about new things from all of his teachers. While talking to some of his classmates about him, I have learned a few things. Some say that he a very quiet guy and that he should work as a security guard for Abercrombie amp; Finch. Others say he is a good friend and funny once you get him to talk to you. Joycelyn, however, said, â€Å"Jody is very quiet in class, but outside of school when he does talk he is very funny. He also never gives anyone any trouble, and is a very easy guy to get along with. Unlike most of the guys that out there. † So if you know him out of school, then you would say that Jody is a good guy to talk too, but in school he won’t talk to you very much. He likes to play sports at his school. Jody plays baseball and runs cross country. They are the two favorite sports that he likes to play. He likes to run cross country, so that by the time it gets to baseball season he will be in shape. He also likes to run cross country because it helps get some frustration and anger out of his system. The sport that he loves the most is and will always be baseball. Ever since he was able to pick up a baseball he has played. Throughout the years and with the guidance of his cousin Aaron, saying â€Å"he would never be as good of a baseball player as he was,† must have paid off. He and his team won the Class C State Championship for the thirteenth time in 2011. Whenever he and his team won the thirteenth Class C State Championship, they experienced the best feeling that they could have ever felt in life so far. The baseball team was pretty excited about playing in the championship game again, since the last time they played the got beat out in the semifinals. Early that morning some of the cheerleaders went and set up signs along highway 28, while the baseball team ate their game-day breakfast. These were signs wishing the boys good luck and to bring home the thirteenth title for our school. When they saw what the cheerleaders had done, they told us thank you and that it made them want the championship more than ever. On the way there, they got themselves pumped and ready to play some ball. Whenever the game started, some of the cheerleaders and fans were already pumped up and cheering them on. It must have help because in the first few innings they got a big lead against Family Christian Academy. Then they started to relax and act like they had the game in the bag already. Most teams would have given up if they were in Family Christians situation. Family Christian, however, wasn’t giving up that easily. Instead, they stayed calm and fought back. Top of the ninth, Hicks was still ahead. One of our guys on the field messed up and they scored one or two runs. That gave Family Christian some faith and energy to score more runs. Two outs this would be Family Christians last batter if Hicks could get the last out. With one of their better hitters up, he swung and missed. †Strike one,† says the umpire. Our pitcher takes a few breaths, and pitches again. â€Å"Ball one,† says the umpire. The count being 1-1, Coach Gary had to make a decision. Try to get the batter to chase after something, or to let our pitcher pitch his game and pitch another strike. â€Å"Ball two,† says the umpire, now they had no decision on whether or not to pitch a strike or ball. Here comes the pitch, swung and hit to third baseman, Ty Helton. With the game on the line, Ty fielded it without any bobbles and threw to toward first baseman, Ty Williams. Ty Williams barely could think straight, knowing that if he dropped this ball and they lost the game, his teammates and coach would be upset with him. Ty ended up catching the ball and getting the last out, to end the game 10-9. As a fan of that game, I would have loved to get a picture of all the players faces after getting the last out and being astonished that they had won the thirteenth state title for their school in Class C. Like always, at the end of the game Hicks did a dog pile in the middle of the field. The joy and astonishment that was in those players will never be forgotten by them. Last year, however, they didn’t do too well. They ended up losing out second round playoffs against Converse, 3-2. This year coming up should be an awesome year for them, and they should go far. Besides going to school and playing baseball, he likes to hunt, go four-wheeler riding, hang out with his friends, play video games and also spending time with his family. Over the summers Jody and his family have traveled to all of the states, except for Hawaii and Alaska. He hopes to one day be able to explore the other two states and see how much different their way of living and how their cultures and beliefs are different from the southern states. While he was growing up he loved spending time with his grandpa. I have never heard of anyone that reminds me of him. The reason why is because his grandpa has owned more than 50 trucks at most since he was born. I would definitely think that out of all of his family members his favorite three family members would be his mom, grandpa, and his cousin Keith. The reason I would say this is because Keith played in the National Football League and of course his mom because she has always been there for him. As for his other family members, he does appreciate having them and loves them very much. When he’s around them though, his true personality comes out. He goes from being shy and not talking very much, to him being very sociable and acting like he enjoys them being there for him and having them as company. Once he warms up to the strangers and starts to get to know them a little better he won’t be as shy. His future plans are to graduate from high school, but basically to live life every day to the fullest because you never know when you last day may come. After graduating from high school, he doesn’t know what he wants to do as far as the type of job that he may want or that he may be good at. He also plans to live in Hicks, Louisiana near his parents live. He hopes that one day he may get his dream car, which is a Roadrunner, with the money from whatever job he may get. Whatever other plans he may discover or think of after high school will enable him to obtain and succeed. If Jody would apply himself to things more in school or in life, like he does in baseball he will be able to succeed in the job area or profession that would suit him well and also allow him to make him a good bit of money.

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